Before Zowdow


Desktop search paradigm

Plain, boring text that requires reading

Click-and-wait, click-and-wait again

After Zowdow


Native mobile (70% more interaction)

Beautiful, info-rich cards (20% faster time-to-content)

Only a thumb-swipe away (94% user delight)

For Browsers

  • Deliver suggestions with every consumer keystroke
  • Delight your users with native mobile UX
  • Increase retention and supplement income with new revenue stream

For Keyboards

  • Integrate visual, contextual suggestions into typing flow
  • Leverage cross-functional intent with shareable suggestions
  • Add new monetization channel

For Messaging apps

  • Add hundreds of content partners with a single integration
  • Increase utility with contextually relevant, shareable content
  • Differentiate your user experience

For your app

  • SDKs for iOS, Android and web
  • 16 display formats to match any user experience
  • No set-up costs

About us

Zowdow empowers mobile users to get things done faster than ever before.

With every keystroke, Zowdow offers users highly relevant, thumb-swipeable suggestions from our growing roster of premier content partners. We process hundreds of millions of user requests around the world each month.

Zowdow’s technology increases customer satisfaction and retention rates for our distribution partners, while also driving a substantial, new revenue stream. Zowdow works with mobile browsers, OTT keyboards, messaging apps, and really any text-input box – injecting contextually relevant, just-in-time suggestions that enable users to complete desired actions faster and better than ever before.

We are always looking for more innovative companies to work with. Contact us for more information and to arrange a demo. 

Zowdow is hiring!

Led by Austin Murray and founded by Bill Gross and Paul Ryan of Idealab, Zowdow is transforming mobile search even more dramatically than Gross’ Overture redefined search in the desktop era. Headquartered in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles, our team combines founders and pioneers from paid search (Overture), mobile advertising (Enpocket), messaging (textPlus), mobile games (JAMDAT Mobile), and Yahoo!

Jim Armstrong of March Capital Partners led our Series A, which included additional leading investors from around the world.

We are hiring!



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Perfect. Loved the results and that the search gives me a bunch of suggestions. Searched for Grateful Dead - very fast.

DanielFilm Production

The speed was exceptional. Design is good, very enjoyable experience. Searched for Drake. Exceptional accuracy. Searched Chinese, very accurate, and takes me to the app I want.


It's a decent search engine and very useful. I like the idea of the cards pulling up songs, it's fast and easy to connect!


Very quick and easy to use. Gives me very accurate results for music and food!

KirkReal Estate

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